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AVENTICS Advanced Valve technology sets
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While developing the Advanced Valve series (AV), we focused on exploring the limits of valve technology and looked at everything in an entirely new way. The result of our research has been groundbreaking – so much so that the series will be developed into an entire system family in the future.


We are at the beginning of the history of this family, and more groundbreaking innovations are already being tested. The good thing about this modular principle: new components can be used immediately after certification.

Theo Paulus,
Head Pneumatics Development and Product Management, AVENTICS, Laatzen, Germany


Unbelievably advanced  – already today


Many patents have been granted in conjunction with the AV system, which is a sign of just how unique the “AV principle” is. AV products offer high performance with an improved flow in the system and many connection options, and easily adapt to the requirements of any machine.

Innovative automation systems are an important component of our innovative machine technology. AVENTICS is just the right partner for us.

Frank Gniechwitz,
Director of GM Getränketechnik & Maschinenbau GmbH, Gera, Germany


Members of the AV series


The AV03 and AV05 valve series

Diagonal design: increasing success


Each component a small masterpiece: the diagonal spool, a flexible base plate, galvanic isolation in the power concept. Advanced valves convince with their distinct modularity and are perfect for every situation.

Vital for decision-making: actual economy and efficiency, and true comparative values. Advanced valves also manage to demonstrate their technical edge and mastery here.

Convincing figures — AV03/AV05 compared with existing products:
  • Up to 45 % less space thanks to its diagonal design with higher functional integration
  • Up to 40 % lighter thanks to low-weight, high-performance polymers
  • Up to 20 % less compressed air consumption thanks to shorter distances from the actuator to the valve

The advantages don’t stop with the system’s compact size: the arrangement of connections also allows for low installation heights and ensures a clear structure.

Features of the AV system at a glance:
  • Optimized compressed air balance thanks to a small, lightweight construction
  • Universal system for a variety of applications
  • High flexibility thanks to easy application retrofitting 
  • Simplified design process with Engineering Tools

The AES electrical connection

Your interface to the superior controller


AVENTICS’ Advanced Electronic System (AES) ensures smooth serial communication between the controller and the AV components and offers short assembly times, a wide spectrum of variants, as well as increased modularization.

Convincing figures — AES compared with existing products:
  • Up to 60 % smaller thanks to fewer parts and an optimized design principle
  • Up to 70 % lighter thanks to high-tech polymers and easy assembly

AV-EP electropneumatic pressure regulation

Better control: EP for Advanced Valves


AVENTICS stands for leading electropneumatic pressure regulation (EP) technology, but we’re taking it a step further. Our AV family now includes the integration, compact size, and wide range of variants of our AV 03/05-EP.

Convincing figures - AV-EP compared with existing products:
  • Up to 70 % lighter thanks to a consistent use of polymers
  • Up to 80 % lower power consumption thanks to pilot technology

Your advantages
Small solution, major effect

Your advantages:
  • Productivity and energy efficiency
  • Future-proof technology
  • Shorter assembly times
  • Tailored design using Engineering Tools

Always state-of-the-art

The AV family is not only more modular, smaller, and simpler – it is also constantly updated.

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